Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Break Overview

I'm finally getting around to writing about my Spring Break!

It's a tough task to write about my ten-day trip, so I have decided to break it up in different ways to ease the writing, as well as the reading. :)

First post: a trip overview!

Thursday: Got safely to the airport, and eventually to Paris even with the Huelga.

Friday: Paris.
The essence of hipster before hipster existed. 
Thought it was a little sad that this bookstore/library
used to be a place where brilliant minds came together
and discussed brilliant things while reading brilliant books,
but today almost everyone, including me, come to snap
a couple of pictures and leave.

Truly is something.

Highlight: Shakespeare and Company; Notre Dame. 
Downer: watched "Les adieux à la reine." 1) It was completely in French and 2) to this day I have no idea what the point of the movie was. 

Saturday: Versailles/Paris

Highlight: It's Versailles. Need I say more?
Downer: It was really cold. 

Sunday: Paris

1st macaroons done the right, Parisian way.

Highlight: this day was PERFECT
Downer: this day was PERFECT

Monday: Paris

Even better macaroons. 

Highlight: the Louvre
Downer: So many freakin' tourists. Not just tourists, but tour groups. 

Tuesday: Paris

Highlight: Awesome dinner at Montmartre.
Downer: Pretty much a big fail other than dinner.
*Note, interesting stories to come about this particular day.*

Gotta have a baguette when in Paris!

Wednesday: Paris

Highlight: fell in love with a museum. No joke. I love Musee d'Orsay. But the layout of it sucks. Also got to see Sainte Chapelle.
Downer: last day in Paris.

Thursday: London!!

Highlight: LONDON! And the Cabinet War Museum!
Downer: London is expensive. And really cold.

Friday: London
Rosetta Stone. No biggie.

PLATFORM 9 3/4!! 

Highlights: British Museum
Downer: Did I mention London is expensive??

Saturday: London

The best coffee I have ever had.

Highlight: BOROUGH MARKET.  I would go back to London for Borough Market. 
Downer: Didn't get to do afternoon tea as we intended.

SundayEASTER, London, then Paris

Didn't even mean to watch the changing
of the guards...

Afternoon tea. :)

Highlight: Easter service, afternoon tea, Easter egg hunt (?), seeing London.
Downer: had to leave this fabulous place. Most definitely want to come back.

Monday: Paris to Madrid.

More detailed events to come later :)

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