Saturday, February 4, 2012

Harry Potter, Spanish Style

I finally got my hands on a Spanish copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, or Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal!! Such a raggedy copy of the book from the university's library, and I must have gone into the library five or six times asking if the book was back yet. They were probably thinking, "Crazy American girl, go away!"

I am an avid fan of the series. Granted I have not gone to a single midnight release of the books or the movies, but I have read each of the seven books at least 4, 5 times. No joke. A couple of summers ago, I made it my goal to reread all seven books, and I accomplished my goal in less than two months. (I must admit, after reading the first five books back-to-back in two weeks or so, I needed a little mental break from the wizarding world. So Harry Potter and I went on a break for a good two, three weeks.)

I don't think I will quite grow out of Harry Potter, but reading the book in Spanish is kind of sucking the fun out of it. BUT I think I found a way to work around this minute problem: I also checked out the English version of the book, and so after reading a chapter or two in Spanish, I skim the chapters in English to make sure what I think is happening is actually happening. Hahaha GENIUS!

Happy reading! :)

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