Sunday, February 12, 2012

Side note

Why is this show so good?!?!

If you haven't heard of it, don't kick yourself--I didn't know about it till I came to Madrid. (But to be fair, I don't really keep up with pop culture in general.) Sherlock is the 21st Century version of the classic Sherlock Holmes made by none other BBC.

Can I just begin by saying how AWESOME this show is?!  Every single episode (so far there are only 6, 3 for each season) is about an hour and half long, is cleverly written, and wonderfully executed.

Recently I was dumb and I watched season 1's episodes 1 and 2, and then ACCIDENTLY watched episode 3 of season 2 (aka season finale) thinking it was episode 3 of season 1.  When I realized my grave error, I almost cried a little. Yeah, it's that good, and yeah, it was THAT tragic.

Just watched season 2's episode 1 last night, and it most definitely did not disappoint! I highly highly highly recommend it. Having never read the Sherlock Holmes series, this BBC show is making me want to read the books so I can pick up on the subtle details they include to pay their respect to the original author. I'm dreading watching episode 2 of season 2 because then that means I have to wait a reallllyyy long time (nearly a year) for season 3.  Poo. (If any is looking for gift ideas, the DVDs to Sherlock would be awesome. Granted, there really isn't a reason why I would receive gifts during this time of the year...)

I can't get over how well it's made, and how clever the plots are.  For example from the last episode...

*SPOILER ALERT. Next picture will give away something crucial about one of the episodes. So don't look if you don't want to!*

Like this: I am SHER locked.  Eeep. Love it love it love it.

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