Sunday, February 12, 2012

Metro happenings

Madrid has an AWESOME public transportation system.  Wanna get somewhere? The metro probably can take you there in five different routes.  There is a sign that tells you when the next train is coming, and the most I've waited for a subway was 10 minutes, and that was because it was really late at night. Creates such a stark contrast to the Boston T system.  But this past week, some interesting things have happened to me on the Metro.

But to start things off, some interesting signs in the different Metro stops:

(Literally two bars, where you can "sit" or 
more like rest your butt on while waiting for the subway.)

(Sign for "Exit" or "Salida." This picture of a
man running is EVERYWHERE.)

(Not really a sign, but still interesting nonetheless.
To get off/on the subway, you need to use this lever 
to open the door. More modern trains have 
buttons instead of a lever, but was really surprised 
when I rode the Metro for the first time.)

Now for the stories:

On my way home from school one afternoon, I was leaning against a door/wall on the subway, listening to music, reading a book, minding my own business. And then to my right, I see this lady who is sitting down fall onto the woman sitting next to her. For a second I thought the girl had just fallen asleep on the subway. False. This girl kept on falling towards the woman, and soon or later, I see this girl, with eyes open, semi laying on the two seats.  She had fainted.  

It was truly a frightening experience. People tapped on her cheek, took off her glasses, but the girl didn't budge for a good 30 seconds to a minute.  (For a second I thought I had witnessed a death. I've been watching too much Sherlock recently.) And then she closed her eyes as people moved her onto the floor, and while in transit, she lets out a cry of pain!

There were people around her so I couldn't see what was happening, but apparently she woke up and gained consciousness, because people were asking her questions.  Soon she was helped back onto a seat, and oh. my. goodness. Never ever have I seen someone's face THAT greenish yellow before.  It is no exaggeration. Her face was green. 

Now I faced a dilemma. My stop was coming up, and I wasn't sure if I should stay on since I am a witness, or I could get off on my stop.  While debating, the train arrived at my destination, and somewhat luckily before having to make my decision, the girl gets off with me at the stop.  A man stops her and asks her if she is okay, and all that jazz, and the girl might have mumbled something, but goes her way in the opposite direction from me.  At that moment, all I could think to do was pray a prayer that she would get home safely, and that she would be okay.

When I got home, I explained what happened to my señora, and I asked her what I should do in that situation, and she told me nothing.  She said I personally should not do anything, but rather call for a medic or professional help.  I guess the "Good Samaritan" law works differently in Spain than it does in the U.S. 

It is so scary to see someone actually faint, and turn green in front of your eyes.  Hollywood/Korean dramas/media romanticizes the idea of fainting, but let me tell you, there aint nothing about it that's romantic. 

Hmm..this post is already really long, so I'll save the second story for another post. But those who are facebook friends with me have a general idea on what happened, but I have to say, it was quite amusing. :)

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