Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thought I might share some Madrid adventures with you all.

 El Palacio Cristal in Retiro Park.
Really beautiful, and as you probably can see, it is 
"completely" made of glass. Retiro in general must be one 
of my favorite public parks I have been to.  (Above: the outside 
of the Palacio. Below: inside of the Palacio.)

 El museo de CaixaForum
Fun little souvenirs from the gift shop. Of course didn't
buy them. But the museum is a modern art museum 
funded by CaixaForum, which is a very large and 
important bank in Spain. It's free entrance, and has a 
really nice café on the top floor with wi-fi. :)
 "Hanging Gardens"
This "garden" is just outside of the museum CaixaForum,
and basically its all these plants that are growing on a wall.
That white dot in the picture would be the moon.
One of my favorite café
 La Lolina is on Calle de Espíritu Santo, in a cool, hipster 
part of Madrid. It has comfy chairs, free wifi, nice tea selection,
food, dessert, funky atmosphere, and plays fun music.
In this picture, I've ordered Earl Grey Lavender Tea, just 
in case you couldn't read the words. :) 

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