Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daily Life: Mondays

So what's my day-to-day life like here in Madrid?

I'll give you a small run-down on what a typical Monday looks like for me.

I'm basically at the university all day. Aim to wake up at 7, but usually at 7:15, wash up, dress, eat, and get on the metro by 8:10 at the latest.  While listening to music, I weave my way through the sea of people while changing metro lines, getting on and off of trains.

Grab café con leche para llevar at the cafeteria to stay awake during class once I get to the university.  I get to my classroom around 9, which starts at 9:15 (the Professor is almost ALWAYS late,) and ends at 10:30.  I usually have a group meeting for my other class or a tutoring session, but if I don't have any meetings that I have to attend, I either watch a show on my computer, do some work, or AKA kill time until 5PM for another class. That class ends at 7 (or 7:30, as it has been recently), and by the time I get home it's around 8, 8:30.  My host mom and I watch Pasaplaba, a quiz show my host mom watches religiously,  have dinner around 9, do homework, watch another TV show, email, talk with my parents, facebook, tumblr, etc, until roughly about midnight, and go to sleep.

Nothing exciting.

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