Monday, March 5, 2012

Did I mention?

Remember this man?

Well I saw him again last week.

I was getting ready to get on to the metro, and as I was approaching the door of the train, I saw him. The Accordion Man.  My heart skipped a beat out of panic, and I quickly turned away from the train that he was on, which was the one I was heading for, and dashed onto the train in front.  Stupid me.

Just as I get into the train, I see him get off the train he was on, and walk into the one I just dashed into!  If I really wanted to avoid him, I should have gotten on to the train that he was on! Horrified at my lack of common sense, I leaned against the side of the metro, plugged in my earphones, put my head down, and tried to cover my face with my hair without looking suspicious.  The accordion man starts to play his tune, and then starts to walk the train around asking for donations.

Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum.
Well, this story is going to be anti-climatic because nothing happened. Haha. I don't know if he recognized me or not, but he walked past me without saying anything or stopping.  Good thing the metro was pretty busy! And he got off the next stop, and presumably moved to the train in front of mine.

Arg, this man has ruined all subway accordion players for me. Whenever a person boards the metro with an instrument, especially an accordion, I jerk my head up to see who is playing, hoping it's not the same man.

Riding on line 5 will never be the same.

BUT can I brag about Madrid a little bit?

I seriously love love their metro system.  It's the best! (Especially when you compare it to the Boston T system.) And I recently learned that Madrid Metro is the second largest system in all of Europe. All the more to love it. :)

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