Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daily Life: Tuesdays

Tuesdays are long days as well, with the only plus being that it starts later than my Mondays.

Wake up by 8:30, pop in the shower, eat breakfast, casually get ready for school, head for the Metro by 9:30. I get to school for my 10:45 class, and naturally I have a café con leche in my hand for this three hour long class. The class is divided into two parts, and I DREAD the second part only because it's a discussion section, and we're expected to go in front of the class and present a summary and our opinions on the assignment.  If they were in English, no big deal, but the Spanish sucks out any self-confidence I had in my academic life.

The class usually lets out a little early (1:30ish), and afterwards, I head for a GBU meeting where I eat my bocadillos, while participating in a Bible study with other Spanish students.  After the GBU meeting, I do homework, watch TV, check facebook and gmail until my next class at 5. This is my whimp class because we study English literature, the class is conducted in English, AND we only meet once a week.  Hehe.

The class ends at 7, I head for the RENFE station. A bit weary from the long day, I head back into the heart of Madrid to go the weekly college night meeting my church has.  I meet up with my good friend, "Lena," we mingle with other international students as well as Spaniards, have service, munch on some snacks, and BAM, what do you know, it's already 10PM. (I love Tuesday nights. :D)

I get back onto the Metro, and get home around 10:30, have a light dinner, have a phone call with my parents, check email, etc. etc., and soon or later, I'm in bed, ready to catch some z's.

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