Thursday, March 1, 2012

Role reversal

I'm not Catholic, so I didn't know, but apparently today is San Ángel Day, which means you get a little gift today if your name is Ángel or Ángela.  Well, my name is Ángela, so my host mom got me a porcelain box. How sweet of her! :')

This same host mom asks me during lunch, "Angela, do you like to dance?"

To this, I reply, "Yes, I like to dance.  But I don't know how to Salsa or anything like that. I would like to learn, though (smiley face)."

And then she says, "Well, you need to go to a discoteca then! There's tons of places to go for this! Salsa is very easy to learn. Other girls I have hosted went dancing Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday. You should do the same."

Well, to that I had no response. How is it that my 60-someting, conservative host mom advises me, a twenty-something (Asian-)American, to go out more at night?

LOL talk about a role reversal.

I do like to dance (by no means does this mean I'm good at it...hahaha), it's just I find it more fun with close friends.  (You can goof off more.) So far, as far as I know, my close friends from my program aren't the biggest dancers (what a shame), and I have a couple of friends from class that like to go dancing, but here in Madrid people stay out until six or seven in the morning (!!!!What in the world?!!!).  I think the latest I could do is tops three in the morning.  And people enjoy drinking, but I don't, so I feel like that gets things awkward often.  Meh.  I guess it just comes down to insecurities and worrying about what people will think.  Argh, I no longer want to be an approval-junkie! Rescue me from this, God!

Nevertheless, it will happen eventually. :)


  1. we shall go dancing every weekend when we live together! If not we'll have dance parties in our living room

    1. keke I like the sound of that!! :) Jo and I are very accustomed to breaking out into a dance sessions while studying, just fyi.

      It is going to be a great year, girls.